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John Heizer [] writes: "My father and Festus (Ken Curtis / Curtis Gates) grew up together in Las Animas, Colorado. I met Festus when he and Doc were playing at the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo about 1965."

"I have enclosed a picture from their High School Football days, my father (John Heizer - #43)was the team center and Festus (Curtis Gates - #44) was the quarterback".

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Tearing down the school?!? (Jan 9, 2004)

"Here's a "heads up" for you -- the historic elementary school that "Festus" (Ken Curtis) attended is going to be demolished. We are trying hard to save the Columbian Elementary School in Las Animas, CO but the prospect is not good -- we are out of money, out of time, and almost out of hope."

Pamela S. Gilbert, President
Supporters of Colorado Preservation
7133 Road JJ
Las Animas, CO 81054