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What was the name of Matt Dillon's horse?

What is the name of Festus' mule?

Did Matt and Kitty ever kiss?

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Lil MattWhat is the most common mistake in articles about Gunsmoke?

Who was the first woman Matt Dillon kissed on Gunsmoke?

Who is the longest Gunsmoke regular?

What is James Arness' real name?

Who is James Arness' brother?

Who is Dirty Sally? (A good piece of trivia:: The name of Dirty Sally's horse was Worthless).

Where is the best place to buy Gunsmoke collectibles?

I have an old Gunsmoke comic, four Gunsmoke trading cards, a Gunsmoke lunchbox, and a bunch of other Gunsmoke collectibles. How much are they worth?

How many hits do you get on