Buck Taylor as Newly


  • What was Newly's last name?
    • O'Brian

  • What was Newly's trade?
    • Gunsmith

  • Prior to Kansas, the state that Newly called home was
    • Ohio.
    • West Virginia.
    • Virginia. (d) Maine.
    • Pennsylvania.

    • Answer: ... PA

  • (T/F) On his first appearance on Gunsmoke, Newly pretended to be a doctor.
    • True

  • Newly was raised by his Uncle
    • Newly.
    • Oldham.
    • Ollie.
    • Newton.
    • Answer: ... Newton

  • A sign hangs outside of Newly's place of business. His name is on the sign with what other word?
    • Newly O'Brian ... Gunsmith

  • (T/F) Newly did not wear socks.
    • False

  • (T/F) Newly spent some time in medical school prior to coming to Dodge.
    • True ... but he obviously didn't graduate.

Buck Taylor

  • (T/F) Buck Taylor is the son of actor Robert Taylor.
    • False ... his father is veteran actor Dub Taylor who has appeared in a number of Gunsmoke episodes. Dub Taylor also starred in a number of entertaining western based Hubba-Bubba bubble gum commercials.

        Dub Taylor - Buck Taylor's dad

  • Prior to his role of Newly, did Buck Taylor appear on Gunsmoke?
    • Yes ... as a bad guy that got shot

  • Prior to Gunsmoke, Buck Talor starred in the short lived television series The Monroes.

      True ... as John (Brad) Bradford

  • What award did Buck Taylor receive in 2003?

    Buck Taylor joined the elite group included in the "Walk of Western Stars" sidewalk in Santa Clarita, CA. Other recipients include Amanda Blake, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Dennis Weaver, and Riders in the Sky. (See Buck Taylor's web site.)

  • In which one of the following television series did Buck Taylor not appear.
    • Ben Casey
    • All In The Family
    • The Fugitive
    • Big Valley
    • Answer: All In The Family

  • (T/F) Buck Taylor went to high school in Hollywood.
    • True. He later studied theatre at USC and served two years in the navy.

  • (T/F) Buck Taylor is a great painter.

      True! Click here to view some of his paintings on Buck Taylor's home page.