Milburn Stone

Messages from Milburn Stone's kin:

  • Gunsmoke was set in Dodge City Kansas. Milburn Stone was the only regular in Gunsmoke to have been born in the state of Kansas.
    • True

  • Kansas is the Jayhawker State. Milburn Stone made his Broadway debut in Sinclair Lewis' play, The Jayhawker.
    • True ... in 1932

  • Milburn Stone turned down an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy to stay in acting.
    • True ... his act was Stone and Strain, Songs, Dances and Snappy Chatter.

  • Milburn Stone's favorite food is shrimp pizza.


  • Milburn Stone played a slave in Gone With the Wind.


  • The Kansas Medical Society gave Milburn Stone honorary membership.


  • After Gunsmoke ended, Milburn Stone retired to his ranch in Sante Fe and (a) farmed. (b) raised livestock. (c) wrote his autobiography. (d) became a vegetable.
  • Answer: a ... raised livestock.

  • Milburn Stone passed away to the day twenty five years after Gunsmoke premiered on television.

    False ... he died on June 12, 1980. Gunsmoke premiered on September 10, 1955.

  • Milburn Stone has appeared in movies with Roy Rogers.

    True ... in the 1940 film Colorado

  • (T/F) Milburn Stone appeared in old Sherlock Holmes films with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.
    • True ... in the 1943 movie Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, he played a character named Vickery.



  • Milburn Stone was absent from the Gunsmoke set during the balance of a season due to a bout with colon cancer. was a heart attack

Milburn Stone and his wife Jane.

  • Milburn Stone was born in the nineteenth century.
    • False ... 1904

      Milburn Stone and his sister Glennis (1910)