Milburn Stone as Doc

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  • What is Doc's last name?


  • What is Doc's first name?

    Galen. He was named after Dr. Claudius Galen who lived around 1200 B.C.

  • Besides Dillon, Doc was the only regular character to appear both in the first and last seasons of Gunsmoke.


  • Did Doc perform medical surgery?

    Yes...digging out bullets for example

  • What did Doc use for anesthesia?


  • Did Doc have a veterinary practice?

    Yes...he was not above doctoring animals

  • Did Doc chew tobacco?


  • Besides a watch and a bob, what did Doc normally wear between his chin and his waist that neither Matt, Chester, Festus nor Kitty wore?

    A tie

  • Doc's normally dressed in a suited vest.


  • On what side did Doc fight during the Civil War? the 3rd Illinois Calvary

  • In the 1820's, Doc worked for the Hudson Bay Trapping Co.


  • Which of Doc's senses was clearly weaker than any other of Gunsmoke's main male characters?

    His eyes...he wore glasses. Kitty later needed reading glasses

  • When facing each other, Doc and Matt stood nose to
    • navel.
    • shoulder.
    • chin.
    • mouth.
    • nose.

      Answer: ... shoulder

  • How does Doc get his pills?

    He makes them

  • Doc lives upstairs. To within two, how many stairs must he climb to get there?

    Thirteen...the same number for a hanging gallows.

  • Doc's eyes are
    • barnyard brown.
    • steel blue.
    • olive.
    • normally bloodshot.
    • green.
    Answer: blue
  • What book did Doc always carry in his little black bag?

    The Bible

  • Doc was once addicted to opium.


  • How many horizontal wrinkles does Doc have on his forehead?

    The same as Milburn Stone ... three

  • What did Doc have on the lower part of his face that neither Matt, Chester or Newly chose to have?

    A moustache

  • Doc continually teased Matt about
    • his easy job as Marshal.
    • his height.
    • his sickly horse.
    • his slow draw.

      Answer: ... his easy job.

  • The name of Doc's horse was
    • Mr. Ed.
    • Marshal.
    • Popcorn.
    • Festus.

      Answer: ... Popcorn.

  • Doc's medical schooling was payed for by his wealthy parents.

    False ... he was put through with the private money of another doctor: Dr. E. Hudkins.

  • To within one year, how long did it take Doc to go through medical school?

    Eight years

  • When Milburn Stone had health problems, how was his absence on Gunsmoke explained?

    He went back east for further schooling. He was replaced in Dodge by a Dr. Chapman played by veteran actor Pat Hingle.

  • A common Gunsmoke scene: Doc and Dillon kneel over a dying man. The man dies. Doc checks his pulse. How does he tell Dillon that the man is dead?

    Doc looks at Dillon and shakes his head slowly.