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Top Gunsmoke Television Episodes: The Edgar Banks List


Here is my list of ten best Gunsmoke episodes:

1) Comanches Is Safe (1964) The funniest of them all in my opinion. Quint and Festus and guest star Kathy Nolan raise cain in Wichitau.

2) Hammerhead (1961?) I question the date because it is listed on your site as being broadcast in season ten. Festus is in the episode so it must have been written in 1961. Anyway, another funny one hour black and white episode with Linda Foster as one of the guests. A great horse race between Hammerhead, a Quarter Horse, and a Morgan. Great acting with wonderful character actors ie: Chubby Johnson.

3) Deputy Festus (1965) Another great funny episode with some of my favorite actors, Denver Pyle, Royal Dano, and Shug Fisher. Festus gets in trouble real quick after Matt appoints him in charge for the first time. He gives in to a Haggen family oath that eventually leads to trouble.

4) Eliab's Aim (1965) Another funny episode with guest James Hampton as cousin Eliab coming to Dodge to shoot off Festus' ear, or to be more precise, to shoot off just the "little hangy down part". Hilariously funny with Quint, Doc and Kitty playing along. Also the Widow Winton gives Festus all he can handle in this show too.

5) Aunt Thede (1961?) Same thought with date. Guests Jeanette Nolan and young Dyan Cannon and James Stacey along with Festus give Matt all he wants with back hill ways.

6) Friend (1964) with guest Slim Pickens, another one of my favorite actors. After a night of drinking and poker playing, Festus and Slim's character get in real trouble with Slim fighting to keep from being hanged.

7) Mae Blossoms (1964) Guest Laurie Peters plays Festus' hill cousin who comes riding in to Dodge on her Mule to marry up with Festus.

8) Now That April's There (1964) Guest Elizabeth MacRae as Festus' gal April, has to work awful hard to convince acting marshall Quint and Festus that she witnessed a murder. Royal Dano also stars.

9) Us Haggens (1962) Festus introduces himself for the first time in this episode, as he offers to help Matt track down a muderer who happens to be his Uncle Jack, played by Denver Pyle. Elizabeth MacRae plays April, as the beginning of a recurring role as Festus' gal.

10) Prarie Wolfer (1964) Festus shows up in Dodge again which begins his run as a regular character in Gunsmoke. He has to fend off charges of theivery and even rape, as he fights to clear his name in this episode. Matt comes to the rescue with some good 'ol western detective work.

Well, I guess you can tell I am fond of the 'ol black and white episodes. I sure hope the Western's channel will put them back on soon. It has been a year or more since they have been on. I sure hope TV Land still shows Gunsmoke forever. It is my favorite show of all time. I am 52 years old and I so much enjoyed watching the show with my Dad when I was a kid. Thanks for your site!! 

From: Edgar F. Banks,

Date: 12 Jun 2006

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