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Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

A Man A Day, December 20, 1961 Written by John Meston, Directed by Harry Harris Cast: Val Dufour, Fay Spain, Leonard Nimoy, Garry Walberg, Roy Wright, Ann Morrell, Arthur Peterson, Jr

The Search, September 15, 1962 Written by Kathleen Hite, Directed by Harry Harris, Guest Cast: Carl Reindal, Ford Rainey, Virginia Gregg, Raymond Griffith, Leonard Nimoy

Call Him Wonder, March 23, 1963 Written by Kathleen Hite, Directed by Harry Harris, Guest Cast: Ron Hayes, Edmund Vargas, Sandy Kenyon, Leonard Nimoy, Duane Gray

Treasure Of John Walking Fox, April 16, 1966 Written by Clyde Ware, Story by Gwen Bagby, Directed by Marc Daniels, Guest Cast: Leonard Nimoy, Richard Webb, Lloyd Gough, Jim Davis, Ted Gehring, Tom McCauley

Leonard Nimoy was born on March 26, 1931 in Boston, Massachusetts. He received his B.A. and Master's Degree in Drama and served in the military. He had small roles in movies like Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952). He made appearances in TV shows such as, Gunsmoke, and Dragnet. Nimoy is best known as Mr. Spock in STAR TREK(September 8, 1966 to September 2, 1969). He was then in Mission Impossible (September 1969 to Septempber 1971). Nimoy was the voice of Spock in the animated Star Trek series (September 8, 1973 to October 12, 1974). He was the narrator of In Search Of... (1976 to 1982). Nimoy directed Star Trek III (1984).

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