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Douglas Fowley (1911-1998)

A Quiet Day In Dodge, January 29, 1973 Written by Jack Miller, Directed by AIf Kjellin, Guest Cast: Margaret Hamilton, Willie Aames, Leo Gordon, Shug Fisher, Douglas V. Fowley, John Fiedler, Helen Page Camp, J. Pat O'Malley, Herb Vigran, Walker Edmiston

Many actors become identified with one particular film or role. In the case of this prolific thespian, that film is "Battleground" (1949) one of the best war films ever made. He played the role of 'Kip' Kippton, the soldier with ill-fitting dentures which he clicked throughout the film. He was born Daniel Vincent Fowley on May 30, 1911 in the Bronx, New York and like many fellow New York actors began his career on the stage but he migrated to Hollywood as a young man where he attended Los Angeles City College. He made his screen debut in "The Mad Game" (1933) with Spencer Tracy. His film career was interrupted by World War II, where he served in the Navy, and resumed after the War. Although he appeared in numerous films and on many TV series, "Battleground" remains his best work. He appeared in over 200 films including: "The Thin Man" (1934) in a bit part as a Taxi Driver; "36 Hours to Kill" (1936) as Duke Benson; "Charlie Chan on Broadway" (1937) as John Burke; "Time Out for Murder" (1938) as Dutch Moran; "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (1938) as Snapper; "Mr. Moto's Gamble" (1938) as Nick Crowder; "Charlie Chan at Treasure Island" (1939) as Peter Lewis; "Dodge City" (1939) as Munger; "20 Mule Team" (1940) as Stag Roper; "Ellery Queen, Master Detective" (1940) as Rocky Taylor; "Jitterbugs" (1943) with Laurel & Hardy, as Bennett; "See Here, Private Hargrove" (1944) as Capt. Manville; "The Story of Dr. Wassell" (1944) in an uncredited Bit Part ; "Life With Blondie" (1946) as Blackie; "Mighty Joe Young" (1949) as Jones; "Singin' in the Rain" (1952) as Roscoe Dexter, the film director; "Cat Women of the Moon" (1953) as Walt Walters; "Casanova's Big Night" (1954) one of Bob Hope's best films, as 2nd Prisoner; "The High and the Mighty" (1954) as Alsop; "Barabbas" (1962) with Anthony Quinn, as Vasasio; "The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao" (1964) as Toothless Cowboy; "Walking Tall" (1973) as Judge Clark; "The White Buffalo" (1977) as Amos Bixby and "The North Avenue Irregulars" (1979) as Delaney, his last film. On TV he played Doc Fabrique and later Doc Holliday on "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" (1955-61); Grandpa on "Pistols and Petticoats" (1966-67) and "Detective School" (1979) as Robert Redford. He guest starred on numerous TV series including: "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok"; "Perry Mason"; "The Rockford Files" and "CHiPs." He wrote and produced the 1960 film "Macumba Love." He died on May 21, 1998 at age 86 in Woodland Hills, California of natural causes.

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