Gunsmoke: Television Trivia
  • What was the name of the graveyard just outside of Dodge where bad men were buried?

Boot Hill - named so because many men were buried there with their boots on.

  • On the sign outside of the Dodge City jail were the words "U.S. Marshal's Office". What three words were written immediately below them?

    "Dodge City, Kansas"

  • (T/F) Kitty lived in the basement of the Long Branch Saloon.

    False ... her room was upstairs

  • Did the dance hall girls in the Long Branch dance?

    As a rule ... no

  • Which one of the following is not a whiskey seen of Gunsmoke:
    • Cygnet Whiskey.
    • Old Injun Whiskey.
    • Frisky Whiskey.
    • Old Baylor Whiskey.
      Answer: ... Frisky Whiskey
  • The wallpaper in Kitty's room is
    • passionate purple.
    • olive drab.
    • oarngish red.
    • pickle green.
    • center-of-a-hard-boiled egg yellow.

      Answer: ... oarngish red

  • Was there a piano in the Long Branch Saloon?


  • A picture of what president hung in Doc's office?


  • What beverage was most often consumed in the Marshal's office?


  • When going in the front door of the Marshal's office from the front, does one step up or down?


  • How many rifles were there in the gun rack in Dillon's office?


  • If you wanted to know the time, which of the Gunsmoke characters would you ask?

    Doc ... he carried a pocket watch on a bob.

  • To where does the door behind Dillon's desk lead?
    • To an alley

  • Men who were convicted of murdering someone in Dodge were normally hanged in
    • Hays City.
    • Elkader.
    • Topeka.
    • Kansas City.
    • Lubbock, Texas.

      Answer: ... Hays

  • Was there a lamplighter in Dodge City?


  • On both sides of the swinging door that lead into the Long Branch Saloon, there are pictures of a beer each with what two words written below?

    On Draught

  • When coming through the front door of Dillon's office, there are pegs on the inside wall on which to hang your hat. How many pegs are there?

    Two ... and Dillon always uses the top one

  • On the boardwalk in front of Dillon's office, one could sit down on
    • wooden chairs.
    • a wooden bench.
    • sections of tree trunks.
    • all of the above.
    • none of the above.

      Answer: ... Wooden chairs. Dillon often reclined there with his hat over his eyes and snoozed.

  • Was there a roof over the boardwalk in front of Dillon's office?


  • How many cells were there in Dillon's office?

    Two and later three

  • When going into the room with the cells, on which side of the door were the keys hung?


  • How many windows are there in the front of Dillon's office?


  • How many bars are there on each window in front of Dillon's office?


  • How many bricks thick is the front wall in Dillon's office?

    One and a half

  • Are there any trees growing inside Dodge City limits on Gunsmoke?


  • According to the sign at Dodge City's railroad station, what, to within five hundred feet, is Dodge City's elevation?

    Answer: 2485 feet above sea leve

  • According to the sign at Dodge City's railroad station, what, to the nearest hundred, was the population of Dodge City in the days of Gunsmoke?

    Answer: 996

  • What bird was most seen on Front street?

    The chicken

  • Other than cards, what game were the men of Gunsmoke fond of playing?


  • The first number to the combination to the safe in Dillon's office is 7. Is the knob to be turned three times to the right to this number or to the left?


  • Fill in the four missing words to the official oath taken by Deputy United States Marshals:``I, name, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute all lawful precepts directed to me by (1)_____ the United States Marshal for (2)_____ district of Kansas under the authority of (3)_____ United States, make True returns, take only lawful fees, and well and truly and without malice and partialities perform (4)_____ duties of office of Deputy United States Marshal during my continuance in office so help me God."

    Answer: All four of the words are `the'.

  • In all the color episodes of Gunsmoke, the introduction had the major stars pictured sequentially in ovals as the Gunsmoke theme played in the background. Arrange the following names into the order that they were presented:
    • a. Amanda Blake as Kitty.
    • b. Buck Taylor as Newly or,
    • c. earlier, Roger Ewing as Thad.
    • d. Milburn Stone as Doc.
    • e. James Arness as Matt.
    • f. Ken Curtis as Festus.

    Answer: caebd

  • In the hour color episodes of Gunsmoke, what portion of the Marshal's office was shown at the half hour break between the network and local commercials?

    The rifle rack - with the word Gunsmoke

  • The front windows in the Marshal's office have bars on them. How many bars are there in each window?


  • Were there curtains on the window in Dillon's office?


  • With what primary building material was the Marshal's office constructed?


  • What was usually kept on the stove in the Marshal's office?

    A pot of coffee

  • How many doors are there in Dillon's office?


  • Does the Marshal's office have a second story?

    Yes ... outside scenes show that there is one.

  • How many different opening scenes were filmed for Gunsmoke during its 20 years?

    Five. Click HERE to see them.

  • The name of the gunfighter that shot Dillon in the first episode of television's Gunsmoke was
    • Bodie Tatum.
    • Ab Butler.
    • Dolf Tremle.
    • Chauncy Demon.
    • Bo Harker.
    • Jud Nellis.
    • Brice Harp.
    • Dan Grap.

      Answer: ... Dan Grat. All of these men were characters on Gunsmoke. Dan Grap, by the way, was also the first man Dillon killed on television.

  • Rooms in the Dodge House are upstairs. To within three, how many stairs are there to the second floor?

    Answer: 14 ... three to a landing and 11 more to the top.

  • Were there any motels in Dodge?

    No ... the word motel is a contraction of motor hotel.

  • (T/F) Dillon slept in his office.


  • What government document hangs over Dillon's bunk?

    The Declaration of Independence

  • Did Matt or Chester ever use tobacco?

    No ... not on television