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From: "Berman, Aaron"


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                Your Web site ( was selected as a Hot Site in today's edition of a free and highly popular news service on the World Wide Web.

                Just as we do with top-rated movies and TV programs, we look daily for Web sites that are likely to be sure hits with readers -- sites that seek to astound and delight, inform or amuse -- by exhibiting something remarkable in graphics, content or both.

                Check out our Tech section at to find your listing, either today in the Hot Sites page or later in the archive of previous days' Hot Site reviews.

                Feel free to tell the online world by displaying our "Hot Site" logo. If you decide to do so, please put the following hyperlink code in your document rather than downloading our gif. That helps protect our copyright and also provides a convenient way for your readers to see what we said about you. Here's the code that includes our pulsating gif:

                <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" ALIGN="BOTTOM" ALT="USA TODAY AWARD"></A>

                Here's the code if you prefer a non-pulsating gif:

                <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" ALIGN="BOTTOM" ALT="USA TODAY AWARD"></A>

                Your site may also appear in the hard-copy of USA TODAY, depending largely on availability of space. The best way to find out if it will be published in the weekly "New and Notable" column is to check the Tuesday Life section over the next few weeks.

                Again, congrats on a hot site.

                A.S. Berman
                Assistant Technology Editor