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Jeanette Nolan

Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 15:54:40 -0700 To: Michelle Hodge <>, Subject: Dirty Sally 

At 11:35 PM 6/25/98 -0500, Michelle Hodge wrote: 

>I watched Gunsmoke as a child and I was wondering if you can tell me what you know about the character of "Dirty Sally". I would like to know as much about her as I can and I also would like to know if you can tell me if she later had a spin off show called "Dirty Sally". Thanks in advance for any information you can offer. I would even appreciate a link that I can go to and find out this info. By the way, I loved your page...lots of chiildhood memories there for me. Michelle > >

Answer: Dirty Sally was introduced in a two part Gunsmoke episode called "Pike". see <>

It was Gunsmoke's only offshoot. The short lived series, Dirty Sally, ran from January 11, 1974 through July 19th. Jeanette Nolan played Sally and Dack Rambo, of later Dallas and soap opera fame, played her young ex-gunfighter companion.

Nolan played Festus' Aunt Thede in an earlier episode in 1961 (see <>).

She also played a number of roles on radio's Gunsmoke. (see <>)

A list of her films is on <>

Jeanette Nolan died in June 1998.

Her picture is on

Editor's note: Above is another picture. Nolan had a GREAT voice.

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