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Dean Gilbert, Amanda Blake's step son


"From Far Left. Dean, Milburn Stone, Randy, Ken Curtis an other brother Ron... Cast of the crew is totaly hillarious, they act an bicker off screen as well as they do on screen.. Each one of us got to take a friend over to California and Amanda knew we use to fight so she put us up in seperate hotels... We were hitchinking back from the studio one day and Festus (Ken Curtis ) picks me and my friend up and buys a case of beer for us an takes us back to hotel and comes up for a few beers... We weren't even 16 or of legal age so we thought that was rather nice of him. To look at the front of the set is unbelievable because as soon as you walk in the Longbranch Saloon it is completley bare, except what they need for props... Also, while we were on the set we met all the people from My Three Sons, Gilligans Island, Family Affair and many others. Funny thing about My Three Sons, my brother Ron took a friend of his who was an exact dead ringer for Earnie ( Barry Livingston} They each had the same glasses and haircut, you just couldn't believe it.. Uncle Charley (William Demerest} came around the corner and said to my brothers friend if he was ready for his lines.. We busted a gut, even he couldn't tell them apart. Also if you are interested I can send you a few pictures of Annette Funnicello, I talk to her all the time on here... It has gotten to the point where I just call her mom now. Anyways, she is not doing very well, and it has been almost a month since I have spoken with her, so I am kind of worried about her. As I said I also train hawks and falcons for hunting... Matter of fact while we were in California we went to the set on Daktari, and Amanda talked with them and I got my first Red-Tail Hawk from them... Since then we were classified as a zoo as we were the only private owners in the USA that were sucessful enough to breed cheetahs in captivity.. Marlin Perkins from Wild Kingdom use to come over every now and then and purchase a few for his St. Louis zoo. In any event I can go on and on and on about the people I have met... I might have another pic of Doc and Amanda around somewhere but I will have to check for it... Oh another thing, Amanda use to get madder than hell at us, she would be watching Gunsmoke to see what her faults were, and when she wasn't looking we would switch it to Rowen an Martins Laugh In ha ha ha! She was a very beautiful lady but had a temper like a typical redhead... Her real name was Beverly Louise O'Neill and was from Buffalo New York. Another thing us kids use to do to her is when she went grocery shoppin she would wear dark glasses, a moo moo (they were in style then) and a hat so as not to be recognised. We were at the store one day and shopping and I waited for a bunch of people to come down the isle and I would point at her and say " Aren't you Amanda Blake the lady that plays Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke?" Oh my god! I thought she was gonna come unglued, because before you knew it the whole store was over their askin her for her autograph... Think we were there about an hour and a half. Man was she ever hot, but signed the autographs graciously.... She says you wait till I get you home you little chit, bahahahaha.... Nothing happened though, by the time we got home she thought it was kinda funny.. Ok, bud gonna go for now, enclosed is a pic and 2 of my Harris Hawks.. That was back in 89 I believe... Take care and will talk to you later.. Dean"

<Dean Gilbert (1989)... 1999>Dean Gilbert's e-mail:


"I would be more than happy to chat with anyone... By the way, my younger brother Ron spent a week with Buck Taylor (Newly) over New Years... Seems they both have a lot in common an both raise horses... I will talk to Ron sometime and see if Buck has a computor and an E-mail address and will try to hook the both of you up if you wish."