The Gunsmoke Movies

Gunsmoke: The Long Ride

  • Dennis Weaver played Chester on Gunsmoke. Immediately after the premier of Gunsmoke: The Long Ride, Dennis Weaver hosted Ancient Secrets of the Bible.



  • How many stars did TV Guide give to Gunsmoke: The Long Ride?
    Two. The show aired on May 8, 1993.  Click HERE to see the review from the May 8-14, 1993 TV Guide.

  • (T/F) A primary character in Gunsmoke: The Long Ride is John the Baptist.
    False. There is, however, a character dubbed John the Methodist.


    • James Arness directed Gunsmoke: The Long Ride.
      • False. He was, though, the Executive Producer.



    • To within five, how many network commercials and television promos were aired during Gunsmoke: The Long Ride?
      • Sixty Nine. In Seattle, the local station aired an additional 22 commercials and television promos.

  • (T/F) Actress Ali MacGraw played the part of Uncle Merckel.
    True ... Uncle Jane Merckel.

    Ali MacGraw