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The Guest Stars on


Actor/ Actress Famous from... Role
1. Pernell Roberts Trapper John MD and Adam in Bonanza a. drummer.

b.reformed gunfighter.

c. unreformed gunfighter.

2. Dan Blocker Hoss on Bonanza a. horse thief.

b.calvary officer.

c.psychopathic killer.

3. Alan Hale the Skipper on Gilligen's Island a. horse racer.

b.bare knuckle boxing champ.

c.eastern banker.

d. buffalo hunter.

4. Charles Bronson many movies, including

    the Death Wish series

a. psychopathic killer.

b.all around swell guy.

c. trail boss.

5. Ed Asner Lou Grant in the

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

a. range detective.

b.drunken soldier.

c. newsman.

6. Buddy Ebsen Barnaby Jones and Jed on

    The Beverly Hillbillies

a. farmer


c. loving grandfather

7. Howard McNear Floyd the Barber on The Andy Griffith Show

    and Doc on radio's Gunsmoke

a. assayer


c storekeeper

8. Edgar Buchanan Uncle Joe in Petticoat Junction a. prospector drunk

c. bank robber

9. John Voight star of Midnight Cowboy, Runaway Train

    and Mission Impossible

a. wolfer

b. emigrant

c. town drunk

10. Daniel J. Travanti Captain Frank Furrillo on Hill Street Blues a. sheriff robber

c. storekeeper

2. More Roles Not Played on Gunsmoke.

Actor/ Actress Famous from... Role
1. Leonard Nimoy Mr. Spock on Star Trek a. outlaw

b. gambler

c. emigrant

d. cowboy hand

2. Forrest Tucker Sgt. O'Rourke on F Troop a. soldier

b. writer

c. cattle baron

3. Jack Albertson the man on Chico and the Man a. con man

b. pool hustler

c. cowboy

4. William Shallert the father on The Patty Duke Show

    and the teacher on

      The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

a. hillbilly

b. banker

c. trooper

5. Micheal Learned Ma in The Waltons and the lead in The Nurse a. mother of six kids

b. Matt Dillon's lover

c. saloon girl

6. Richard Anderson Boss of The Six Million Dollar Man a. raider

b. inventor

c. Indian

7. Slim Pickens Blazzing Saddles and the guy who rode

    the bomb in Dr. Strangelove

a. hill outlaw

b. bank robber

c. bounty hunter

8. Wayne Rogers Trapper John in M.A.S.H. a. a framed cowboy

b. a cowboy with questionable honesty

c. a cowboy without a horse

9. Strother Martin The "What we have here is a failure to

    communicate" warden in Cool Hand Luke

a. prospector

b. buffalo hunter

c. prizefighter

10. Harrison Ford Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark

    and The Fugitive

a. raider

b. hired hand

c. railroad fireman

11. Gregory Sierra Barney Miller a. writer

b. Indian

c. white slave trader

Actor/Actress Role Other TV Show/Movie
1. Sebastian Cabot A. gunfighter a. McHale's Navy
2. Bette Davis B. barfly b. Walking Tall
3. Leslie Nielson C. whiskey drummer c. Perry Mason
4. Ed Begley D. outlaw d. Wild Bill Hickock
5. Michael J. Pollard E.outlaw's daughter e. Star Trek
6. Joe Flynn F.farmer f. True Grit
7. William Talman G.a half breed son of a squaw g. I Spy
8. Andy Devine H.outlaw h. Happy Days
9. Joe Don Baker I.hill daughter i. Andy Griffith Show
10. William Shatner J.gunfighter j. The Blue Knight
11. Kim Darby K.outlaw's brother k. Taxi Driver
12. George Lindsay L.horseraiser l. Hill St.Blues
13. Robert Culp M.ex-Marshal's daughter m. Gilligen's Island
14. George Kennedy N.preacher n. McCloud
15. Ron Howard O.photographer o. Airwolf
16. Jodie Foster P.avenging wife p. Family Affair
17. J.D. Cannon Q.rainmaker q. The Petrified Forest
18. Keil Martin R.confused man r. Police Squad
19 Jan Michael Vincent S.miner s. Twelve Angry Men
20. Jim Backus t. Bonnie and Clyde
21. Joan Van Arc u. Dallas