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"William Conrad stars in Gunsmoke, as heard on CBS Radio, Sunday, at 6:30 P.M., and Saturday, at 12 :30 P.M. James Arness stars in Gunsmoke, as seen on CBS-TV, Saturday, 10 P.M. EST, sponsored by L&M Filter Cigarettes and Remington Rand. (All times EST)"
May 1958 TV Radio-Mirror. Radio's Gunsmoke won...

  • Click HERE for article and quotes from Norman Macdonnell, co-creator of Gunsmoke. (This is a pdf file. Click HERE if you have problems with it.)
  • Click HERE for inside photo of Radio's Gunsmoke cast.
  • Click HERE for inside picture of Macdonnell and William Conrad.
  • Click HERE for inside photo of William Conrad & wife.
  • Click HERE for inside photo of the TV Gunsmoke caste.

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