Gunsmoke: Dodge City Business


Gunsmoke's Dodge City had numerous businesses within the city limits. Match the names of the following establishments. An answer can apply more than once.

      The Name

      The Business

      1. The Tonsorial ... a. Saloon
      2. The Oasis... b. Hay and Grain
      3. The Cattleman's ... c. Furniture Warehouse and Undertaker
      4. The Long Branch ... d. Times
      5. Dodge City ... (4 answers) e. Freight Office
      6. Percy Crump ... f. Parlor
      7. Lodge ... g. Association
      8. The Bull's Head ... h. Hotel
      9. Kiskaden's ... i. Hall
      10. Delmonico's ... j. Boarding House
      11. Bodkin's ... k. Beef and Hide Brokerage
      12. The Dodge House ... l. Restaurant
      13. Ma Smalley's ... m. Bank
      14. Sawyer's ... n. Wood Yard
      15. The Poppy... o. Stage Line
      16. Dolen's ... p. Billiards
      17. G. Adams ... q. Surgeon and G.P.
      18. The Lady Gay ... r. Cafe
      19. The M & M ... s. Post Office
      20. Boss ...
      21. The Carpenter's ...

        Answers: 1f-a barbershop, 2a, 3g, 4a, 5bdmr, 6c, 7i, 8a, 9e, 10l, 11m, 12h, 13j, 14n, 15h, 16k, 17q, 18a, 19o, 20p, 21r

    • What is the name of Dodge City's best hotel?

        The Dodge House

    • What was the name of the Dodge City hotel where Dillon killed his first man on network television?

        The Dodge House

    • Besides Ma Smalley's boarding house, is the Dodge House the only hotel in Dodge City?

        No ... the Poppy Hotel is anothe

    • Doc lived upstairs. What business was located downstairs?
      A harness shop

          Chester on the stairs leading to Doc's office

    • Miss Kitty owned and operated the Long Branch saloon. Did the building in which the saloon was located have a basement?


    • What was the name of the Dodge City restaurant where our heroes normally eat?

    More Dodge City businesses:

      The Name

      The Business

      1. Apex ... a. Church
      2. United States ... b. Saloon
      3. The First Baptist ... c. Freight Office
      4. The Trailblazer ... d. Marshal's Office
      5. The Texas Trail ... e. Cooperative
      6. El Dorado ... f. Railroad
      7. Tivoli ... g. Palace
      8. The Sante Fe ... h. Carriage and Wagon Works
      9. The Kansas North Platt ... i. Attorney
      10. Walker's ... j. Asylum
      11 Ford Co. Cattleman's ... k. Bank of Dodge
      12. Heenan's ... l. Land Office
      13. Franklin Poore ... m. Meats and Poultry
      14. McGraw's ... n. Dressmaker
      15. T. Reese ... o. Hardware \ Supplies
      16. First Merchant ...  
      17. Prudence ...  
      18. Ford County ....  
      19. Kansas ...  
      20. Jensen's ...  
      21. Foster's ...  

        Answers: 1c, 2d, 3a-there was also the First Church of Dodge, 4b, 5b, 6b, 7b, 11e, 12c, 13i, 14, 15n, 16k, 17n,18j-this was not really within Dodge City limits, 19l, 20o, 21m