The Best & the Worst of Gunsmoke The Worst

10. Sergant Holly

December 14, 1970 Written by William Kelley, Directed by Bernard McEveety, Guest Cast: Forrest Tucker, Albert Salmi, Victor Eberg, Gregg Palmer, Vito Scotti, David Renard, Med Flory, Read Morgan

Forrest Tucker creates a paper thin character reminiscent of his later lead character on the television series F Troop. He is a Sargent in the Calvary close to retirement. His unorthodox ways are meant to be funny - but are as predictable as scenes in a Three Stooge short on a second viewing. The combination of F Troop and Gunsmoke mix like that of a sirloin steak and whip cream. Either one alone is fine. When together, the appetite is repulsed.

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