The Reed Survives

October 1, 1955

Listen to "THE REED SURVIVES" as aired on radio,

June 18, 1955


The Reed Survives, February 18, 1956 - Written by Sam Peckinpah, Story by John Meston, Directed by Charles Marquis Warren.


Starring James Arness as Matt Dillon.


Dillon laments on Boot Hill.


While bringing in firewood, Chester eyeballs Dillon's game of solitaire.


Lucy Hunt, a former hostess for the Longbranch and now a rancher's wife, enters.


She says her husband, much senior to her, is going to kill her.


Dillon says he'll give Efram, her husband, a visit.


The next day, Dillon rides out to Efram Hunt's farm.


Dillon and Efram Hunt exchange warm greetings. Efram invites Dillon in the barn out of the heat.


After questioning, Efram says he has no plans to hurt his wife.


Efram does has troubles with his wife, but has no evil plans. Dillon believes him.


That evening, Matt asks Kitty what type of person Lucy was when she worked at the saloon.


Kitty says she didn't know her well. Lucy kept to herself.


Kitty suggested Matt talk to Booth Rider at the bar. He works at Efram's.


Dillon walks to the bar to have a talk with Booth.


Dillon suspects Booth and Mrs. Hunt are having an affair. He tells Booth to move on.


Booth declines. He says it's a good job and he'd by crazy to leave it.


That night, back at the ranch, Lucy waits outside by the tree.


She's waiting for Booth. She plans to seduce Booth into killing her husband.


Efram bought a gun to kill them both, she says. He's out in the barn getting drunk.


Efram waits in the barn with a loaded gun.


Meanwhile, Matt and Chester ride up to the ranch.


Booth heads for the barn - and Efram.


Shots ring out.


Booth hears Dillon and Chester coming. He hops on his horse and rides away.


Dillon ande Chester arrive. They let Booth get away.


Efram is shot.


Dillon asks Efram who shot him.


Efram pontificates a bit. The reed he has protected, Lucy, survives. Efram then dies.


Inside the house, Lucy waits. The door opens. She thinks it is Booth.


After recognizing the visitor is Dillon, Lucy is surprised and temporarily disoriented.


Dillon congratulates Lucy. By having Booth kill her husband, she will get away with murder.


Lucy initiates a seduction of Dillon.


Dillon rebukes her and leaves.


That night, Matt and Doc engage in a game of checkers.


Matt makes a move he reconsiders. Doc says Matt took his hand off and the move is final.


Doc makes his move.


Doc fell in Dillon's trap. Matt jumps six of Doc's checkers and wins the game.


Grumpy Doc, the poor looser, scatters the checkers all over the table.


An Indian enters. He has been watching the Hunt ranch. He nods at Dillon and leaves.


Booth has returned to the Hunt ranch to see Lucy. Dillon is going to arrest him.


Chester and Dillon ride to the Hunt ranch. They see Booth coming from the barn with a saddle.


Booth sees them, drops his saddle, and goes for his gun. He shoots and retreats into the barn.


Dillon enters the barn and calls for Booth to surrender.


Booth has taken refuge in the hay loft.


As he stands, Booth's shadow betrays his position to Dillon.


Dillon climbs the ladder to the loft.

Booth prepares to jump.

Booth jumps.

Dillon jumps.


Booth fires quickly and misses.


Dillon aims, fires and doesn't miss. Booth falls.


Booth is down. Dillon sends Chester to get Doc.


Later, after patching him up, Doc wraps Booth with a bandage.


Booth says when he returned to the ranch, Lucy told him she was just using him.


She called him a "green kid".


Booth killed her. He choked her to death. Her body was in the house.


Dillon says Booth might have gotten off for Efram's murder. Self defense. But not this.


Booth says he was just riding through. He only stayed after Efram offered him a job.


Dillon tells Booth he should of kept on riding.


Off to jail, a trial and, finally, a noose. The End.