Obie Tater

October 15, 1955

Listen to "Obie Tater" as aired on radio's Gunsmoke, August 30, 1954.

Obie Tater, - Written by Charles Marquis Warren, Story by John Meston, Directed by Charles Marquis Warren, Guest Cast: Royal Dano, Kathy Adams.

Two outlaws seek an old prospector's hidden fortune. They drag him to try to get him to tell. Three weeks later he goes to see Matt. They go looking for the two in the bars. Kitty introduces Obie to Ella May. Obie and Ella have been gone two days, they've been honeymooning. Matt asks Obie how did Ella know about him being dragged and going to California. Matt and Chester go to see Ella, she won't let them in. Matt finds Obie in the barn. He syas Ella won't cook, clean or anything, till Obie gives her his gold. The two outlaws show up and get the drop an Matt. They try to hang Obie. One tries to shoot Matt. Ella stops him but is shot. Obie tells Matt where his gold is.

Another hole in the poor man in black..

Two drifters watch Obie Tater work on his farm..

Obie sees then and invites the drifters to come on in and have some coffee.



The drifters ask Obie where all his prospecting money is. They want to take it.

Obie says all the money is gone. The drifters lasso Obie and drag him behind a galloping horse.

Three weeks later, Obie goes into Dodge to see Doc and then Matt Dillon.



Obie tells Dillon he was dragged.

Dillon asks if the drifters got Obie's gold.

Obie swears the gold stories aren't true.


Dillon & Obie search Dodge for the drifters.

Their search leads them to the Long Branch.

Kitty and Ella May are there.


Ella likes Obie.

Obie likes Ella.

Ella sweet talks Obie.


Matt & Kitty wince at the seduction.

Obie says he knows how he looks - and he knows what Ella is doing. He doesn't care.

Obie says Ella wouldn't care if it wasn't for the gold. He has no gold.


Obie, captivated by youth and beauty, offers to buy Ella a drink.

A new day in Dodge.

Obie and Ella have been missing for two days.


Chester walks in with Obie. Obie has been on his honeymoon with Ella.

Dillon recognized Ella knew things about Obie that no only he, Doc & the drifters knew.

Dillon tells Obie that he thinks Ella is mixed up with the two men that dragged Obie.


Obie defends his wife. He questions whether Matt is his friend any more.

After a spell, Dillon & Chester visit Obie Tater's ranch. Ella says Obie isn't there.

On a hunch, Dillon goes to the barn. Obie, not recognizing Dillon, greets them with a shotgun.

Dillon identifies himself and Chester. Obie apologizes.

Obie says Dillon was right. Ella only wants his gold. He's waiting for the drifters to return.

Ella does none of the things a wife should do. She just keeps asking for the gold.


Meanwhile, the drifters have returned. They get the drop on Dillon.

The drifters ask Obie where his gold is. Obie again swears there is no gold.

With a backhand, Dillon gets cold cocked with the drifters' gun. He falls cold.


The plan is to stretch Obie's neck until he talks.

Ella watches horrified.

The stretching begins.


Ella pleads for mercy. She now believes that Obie doesn't have the gold.

Meanwhile, Dillon is coming back to life.

Obie continues to be stretched. He says nothing.


The drifter sees Dillon move. He prepares to shoot Dillon. Ella tries to stop him.

Ella scuffles with the drifter. In the process, she takes the bullet meant for Dillon.

Dillon gets his gun and plugs the drifter.



The other drifter gives up. Obie Tater looks at his slain wife.

Obie remarks on her beauty. It's obvious he still loves her.

Obie tells Dillon that he does have gold. It's in the rain barrel by the kitchen.

He tells Dillon if Ella would have known, she wouldn't have stayed around any more.

Broken and dejected, Obie heads for the house.