Home Surgery

October 8, 1955

Listen to "Home Surgery" as aired on radio on September 13, 1952


Home Surgery, October 8, 1955 - Written by John Meston, Directed by Charles Marquis Warren, Guest Cast: Joe De Santis, Gloria Talbot, Wright King.

When returning to Dodge, Chester and Matt are confronted by Holly Hawtree, whose father is desperately ill with gangrene. His only hope for survival is amputation of the affected leg. Matt performs the surgery, but the gangrene has spread too far and the old man dies. Matt later discovers that the presumed accident leading to Mr. Hawtree's condition was actually caused by Ben Walling, who has his sights on Holly.

Dillon shoots another hole in the poor guy. Even with eyes closed.


On the way back to Dodge. Time for morning coffee.


Shots are fired. Dillon and Chester look for the shooter..


It's a girl. Her Daddy is sick. Can Mr. Dillon help?


Dillon says he'll help. The girl's name is Holly.


Mr. Hawtree was thrown from a horse. His skin was cut.


Dillon sees the leg is infected with gangrene.


The ranch hand, sweet on Holly, left with the wagon for help.


The only way to save Mr. Hawtree is immediate amputation.


Dillon offers to perform the amputation. Mr. Hawtree accepts.


Corn liqueur is used for anesthesia.


Before the liquor kicks in, .Hawtree tells his daughter not to worry


Chester & Holly wait.


The surgery is finished.


The waiting for recovery begins.


The ranch hand, Ben Walling, sweet on Holly, returns with no doctor.


Ben says he's late because the horses kept running off.


Ben leaves. Dillon shows Chester Mr. Hawtree's saddle.


The saddle on the horse that threw Mr. Hawtree was sabotaged.


Holly calls. Her dad is not doing well.


Mr. Hawtree feels like he's going to die.


Dillon promises to keep Holly from Ben Walling. Hawtree dies.


Dillon tells Chester.


Walling overhears the conversation between Dillon and Hawtree.


The shotgun is aimed too low. Dillon can kill Ben even if he shoots Dillon.


Dillon makes a quick move.




Ben is out cold.


Next morning, all prepare to leave.


Holly takes some prairie flowers from her dad's grave.




One of the greatest Gunsmoke writers.