Word of Honor

October 1, 1955


Word Of Honor - Written by Charles Marquis Warren, Story by John Meston, Directed by Charles Marquis Warren, Guest Cast: Robert Middleton, Claude Akins.

Hank Worth, son of wealthy rancher Jake Worth, is kidnapped and held for ransom by three men. The kidnappers call on Doc to aid young Hank, who has been shot in the back while trying to escape. Unfortunately, Hank dies. The killers decide to let Doc go because he is the only doctor within 400 miles and they fear they might need his services some day. Before sparing his life and freeing him, however they force the reluctant Doc to give his word of honor that he will never reveal their identities.

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Starring James Arness as Matt Dillon.


Dillon visits Boot Hill in his Sunday best - and a black hat.


Doc is called by three spoilers to doctor a boy shot in the back.


Doc knows the crooks. Why should they let Doc live?


To live, Doc gives his word of honor not to turn them in.


Otherwise, the spoilers will kill Doc.


Next morning in Dodge City.


Doc tells of the dead man - but no morel


Dillon meets old friend and wealthy rancher, Jake Worth.

Worth's son, Hank, has been kidnapped and Jake has paid the ransom money.

Remembering Doc, Dillon tells Jake his son is dead.

Jake and Dillon go to the ransom site and find Hank's body.


Dillon tells Jake about the word of honor - but not about Doc.


Doc has a plan. Spread the word that, although a lie, he ratted the spoilers.


The kidnappers will come after Doc and Dillon can get them.


Jake & his sons come to town looking for revenge for Hank's death.


Dillon puts the Worths' in jail for safe keeping.


The word that Doc is a rat spreads. Dillon and Doc wait playing cards.


The kidnappers, hearing Doc has ratted, come to town to kill Doc.


Chester sees them.


Hearing one of the kidnappers coming, Dillon and Doc set the stager.


Dillon kills the kidnapper. The other two kidnappers hear the shot.


The kidnappers figure Dillon will go out the back and sneak up from behind.


Dillon slips out a back window.


Dillon is a sitting duck. Two shots fire.


The kidnappers fall dead.


Chester got Jake Worth & his sons out of jail to help.


Chester worries Dillon will be angry he did things on his own.


Dillon gives Chester a smile of approval.


Chester glows from the complement.




(No Kitty in this episode.)