Matt Gets It

Premiere episode of Gunsmoke on Television

September 10, 1955

Matt Gets It, September 10, 1955 - Written by Charles Marquis Warren, Story by John Meston, Directed by Charles Marquis Warren, Assistant Director Glenn Cook, Guest Cast: Paul Richards, Robert Anderson, Malcolm Atterbury. Introduction of the first episode: John Wayne. Dan Grat, a gunman hunted by Texas authorities, seeks refuge in Dodge City. Marshal Dillon goes into action against this outlaw who if faster than Matt.

Listen to "Matt Gets It" as aired on radio October 2, 1954.
Read Amanda Blake's script of "Matt Gets It".
Listen to John Wayne's introduction to the premier episode of Gunsmoke.

Gunsmoke is introduced by John Wayne.

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For the first time, Dillon draws against the man in black. Dillon always fires second. In this, the first episode of Gunsmoke, we learn why.

Dillon ponders on Boot Hill.


Dillon calls Dodge City "the Gomorrah of the Plains".

Killer Dan Grat learns the last man he killed wasn't armed. He's now legally a murderer.

Back in Dodge, Matt and Chester discuss Chester's recent trip to Fort Dodge.

The Sheriff from Amarillo, the site of Grat's murdering, has followed Grat to Dodge.

The Sheriff wants to take Grat alone. He doesn't want Dillon's help.

Dillon tells Chester that the Sheriff has too much pride.

Dillon meets Grat at the Texas Trails. Grat is not wanted in Dodge City.

Grat leaves. Dillon and Kitty chat and drink their beers.

Chester busts in. The Sheriff and Grat are facing off.

Grat tells the Sheriff to come closer if he wants to make an arrest.

Grat outdraws the Sheriff. Grat's draw is lightning quick.

Chester tells Dillon not to draw against Grat. Grat is faster than Dillon..

Dillon faces Grat. Grat is placed under arrest for resisting arrest.

Dillon is outdrawn by Dan Grat. Dillon is struck in the head and the chest.

Kitty watches Dillon get shot. She tries to run to him but is held back.

Grat steps over the fallen Sheriff.


Doc looks at Matt's wounds. The bullet in the chest was close to killing him.

Chester swears that, if Dillon dies, he'll blow Dan Grat in two with a shot gun.

Days latter, a recovering Matt is told by Kitty Grat has killed others. All were close to Grat when he shot.

Kitty says Grat is fast, and Matt will get killed if he faces him again. Matt gets an idea.

Dillon starts his exercise to recover. Each day he walks an extra mile.

Everybody exercises together.

Feeling better, Dillon goes to the hotel where Grat is staying.

Dillon calls Grat out.

Grat comes out. He tries to get close to Dillon.

Dillon won't let him. Grat is fast, but doesn't aim. He has to be close where accuracy doesn't count.

Grat fires first.

Dillon fires second, but takes a more careful aim.

Grat spits blood.

Dillon checks out Grat with Howie, the Dodge House clerk.

The deed done, Dillon heads for his office.