The favorite western of rocker Jerry Lee Lewis (The Killer) is Gunsmoke.

"Studio talk [at a Jerry Lewis recornding session] turns to Gunsmoke, an indication that the evening is going great. Gunsmoke is Jerry Lee's favourite subject in the world. He loves television, and westerns are his favourite. Of all the westerns, he loves Gunsmoke. Of the two kinds of Gunsmoke, he prefers Chester, the Dennis Weaver character, over Festus, his replacement. When asked why he likes Gunsmoke so much, he answers: 'Because it's unique, perfect, and great. I got tapes going back to 1954 - Kitty was beautiful.' He states, 'Matt Dillon is my hero,' and freely admits that he cried when Harry Dean Stanton died in the show." [The Guardian Unlimited, 2005.]