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Jon Voight

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The Newcomers, December 3, 1966 Written, by Calvin Clements, Directed by Robert Totten, Guest Cast: Karl Swenson, Jon Voigt, Robert Sorrells, John Pickard, Charles Kierkop, James Murdock, Ben Wright, Lawrence Aten, Daniel Ades

Prairie Wolfers, November 13, 1967 Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Robert Butler; Guest Cast: Charles McGraw, Jon Voigt, Lou Antonio, Kelly Jean Peters, I. Stanford Jolley, Matt Emery

The Prisoner, March 17, 1969 Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Arthur Penn; Guest Cast: Jon Voigt, Ramon Bieri, Kenneth Tobey, Ned Glass, Paul Bryar, David Fresco, Don Happy, Mark Slade

Pernell Roberts played Adam Cartwright in the series Bonanza. He guest starred on Gunsmoke both before and after his stint of Bonanza.

Roberts also played the lead on the television series Trapper John.

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