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Roy Thinnes
Roy Thinnes

Jeb, May 25, 1963 Written by Paul Savage, Directed by Harry Harris, Guest Cast: Jim Hampton, Roy Thinnes, Emile Genest, William Hunt, Buck Young

False Front, December 22, 1962 Written by John Meston, Story by Hal Moffett, Directed by Andrew McLaglen, Guest Cast: Andrew Prine, William Windom, Art Lund, Charles Fredericks

Roy Thinnes was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He appeared in "The Untouchables" playing Denny Brannon in episode: "A Fist of Five" 12/4/1962 "Gunsmoke" playing Harry in episode: "False Front" 12/22/1962 "Gunsmoke" playing Ab Singleton in episode: "Jeb" 5/25/1963 "The F.B.I." in episode: "The Escape" 10/2/1966 "The Fugitive" playing Carl Crandall in episode: "Wine is a Traitor" 11/1/1966 "Battlestar Galactica" playing Croft in episode: "Gun On Ice Planet Zero: Part 1+2" 1978 "Murder, She Wrote" playing Lt. Ted Misko in episode: "Dead Heat" 1985 "Murder, She Wrote" playing Sheriff Landry in episode: "Trouble In Eden" 11/22/1987 "War of the Worlds" playing Van Order in episode: "Video Messiah" 4/16/1990 "Law & Order" playing D.A. Alfred Wentworth i: "Everybody's F" 10/30/1990 "Walker, Texas Ranger" playing Col. Dayton in episode: "Case Closed" 4/29/1995 "Poltergeist: The Legac" playing Clayton Wallace in episode: "The Crystal Scarab"6/28/1996 "The X Files" playing eremiah Smith in episode: "Talitha Cumi" 5/17/1996, "Herrenvolk" 10/4/1996 "Law & Order" in episode: "Terminal" 5/21/1997. Thinnes appeared in the soap One Live to Live and as Dr. Phil Brewer in the soap "General Hospital" in 1963. In 1965 he joined the cast of the series "The Long, Hot Summer" as Ben Quick for one year and in 1097 he was David Vincent in the series "The Invaders". In 1969 he was in the movie The Man Hunter as David Farrow and Journey to the Far Side of the Sun as Colonel Glenn Ross. In 1970 - The Psychiatrist: God Bless the Children and The Other Man. In 1971 he played John in Black Noon and Doctor James Whitman in the series "The Psychiatrist". In 1972 he was Alan O'Neill in Horror at 37,000 Feet and the Indian in the movie Charley One-Eye. In 1973 he played Joseph Clampett in Satan's School for Girls, he also had a part that year in The Norliss Tapes and in 1973 was Arnold McMillan in Death Race. In 1974 - Airport 1975 as Urias and in 1975- The Hindenburg as Martin Vogel. In 1977 he appeared in Secrets and also played Johnny Paul in Code Name: Diamond Head. In 1979 he had a part in Stone and he also was that year Captain Dana Holmes in the mini drama "From Here to Eternity". In 1981 he had a part in Sizzle, and in Scruples as well as in Freedom that same year too. In 1982 he joined the cast of the series "Falcon Crest" in the role of Nick Hogan for one year. In 1989 - Rush Week as Dean Grail and Dark Holiday. In 1990 he played Roger Collins in Dark Shadows and Barry Fontenot in Blue Bayou. In 1991 he was Sims Lord in An Inconvenient Woman and continued his role as Roger Collins in the series "Dark Shadows" also in this series he played Rev. Trask.

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