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George Glenn 'Peewee' Strange ( 1899-1973)

Glenn Strange played Sam the Bartender on Gunsmoke.

Glenn Strange was born in Weed, New Mexico, on August 16, 1899. He was raised in Texas.  He learned to play guitar and fiddle. In some scenes of Gunsmoke, he is seen to play the fiddle. Strange and his cousin, Taylor Curtis 'Cactus Mack' McPeters, joined the Arizona Wranglers - a group of singing cowboys.   They ended up in Hollywood.  He acted as a heavy in over 230 films. 200 of them were B westerns. He played the Frankenstein monster in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (Universal, 1948). Strange was Butch Cavendish, the outlaw that bushwhacks the Texas Rangers in the opening three-parter of the LONE RANGER TV show.  He was Sam the bartender at the Long Branch saloon on GUNSMOKE from 1962 until shortly before his death from lung cancer in 1973.

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