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Eileen Heckart
Eileen Heckart

The Lady, March 27, 1965 Written by John Mantley, Directed by Mark Rydell, Guest Cast: Katharine Ross, Eileen Heckart, R.G. Armstrong, Michael Forest, Clifton James

The Innocent, November 24, 1969 Written by Walter Black, Directed by Marvin Chomsky, Guest Cast: Eileen Heckart, Barry Atwater, Anthony James, Lee de Broux, Tom Nolan, Little Sky, Robert B. Williams, Manual Padilla, Jr.

Eileen Heckart appeared in: "The Philco Television Playhouse" in episodes: "Segment" 1/27/1952, "The Best Laid Schemes" 3/23/1952 "The Philco Television Playhouse" in episode: "Other People's Houses" 8/30/1953 "Goodyear Television Playhouse" in episode: "The Haven" 11/1/1953 "Goodyear Television Playhouse" in episode: "My Lost Saints" 3/13/1955 "The Philco Television Playhouse" in episode: "Christmas 'til Closing" 12/18/1955 "The Alcoa Hour" in episode: "No License to Kill" 2/3/1957 "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" playing Lucy Clark in episode: "Coming, Mama" 4/11/1961 "Naked City" in episodes: "Hold for Gloria Christmas" 9/19/1962, "Her Life in Moving Pictures" 1/2/1963 "The Fugitive" playing Sister Veronica in episodes: "Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 1+2" 2/25/1964, 3/3/1964, "The Breaking of the Habit" 1/31/1967 "Gunsmoke" playing Hattie Silks in episode: "The Lady" 3/27/1965 "The F.B.I." in episode: "The Insolents" 10/17/1965 "Gunsmoke" playing Athena Partridge Royce in episode: "The Innocent" 11/24/1969 "The Streets of San Francisco" playing Stella Charnovski in episode: "The Thirty-Year Pin" 1972 "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" playing Aunt Flo Meredith in episode: "Mary's Aunt" 10/18/1975, "Mary's Aunt Returns" 2/7/1976, "Lou Proposes" 11/20/1976 "Lou Grant" playing Aunt Flo Meredith 1978 "Little House on the Prairie" playing Amanda Cooper in episode: "Dance With Me" 1979 "Trapper John, M.D." playing "Lydia Pearl" 1980 "Highway to Heaven" playing Helen in episode: "An Investment in Caring" 1985 "Love & War" playing Mrs. Stein, Jack's mom in episode: "You Make Me Feel So Young" 1994 "Murder One" playing Mrs. Wyler 1996 "Cybill" playing Marge, Maryann's mom in episode: "Buffalo Gals" 11/25/1996, 6/15/1998 "Ellen" playing Grammy in episode: "Secrets & Ellen" 2/26/1997 "Home Improvement" playing Elaine in episode: "Losing My Religion" 11/18/1997. Here are her moview: 1956: Somebody Up There Likes Me as Mrs. Barbella, Bus Stop as Vera, The Bad Seed as Mrs. Daigle and Miracle in the Rain as Grace Ullman. In 1958 - Hot Spell and in 1960 she was Mrs. Lorna Hathaway in the movie Heller in Pink Tights. In 1963 - My Six Loves as Ethel and in 1967 - Up the Down Staircase as Henrietta Pastorfield. In 1968 - Mrs. Brummel in the movie No Way to Treat a Lady and in 1972 she was Mrs. Baker in the movie Butterflies Are Free, also that year she played Mrs. Hawkes in The Victim. In 1974 - Zandy's Bride as Ma Allan as well as in The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One as Ma Barker and in 1875 - The Hiding Place as Katie. In 1976 she was Roz Allardyce in the movie Burnt Offerings and in 1977 - Sam's mother in Sunshine Christmas. In 1978 - Suddenly, Love and in 1979 - The Sorrows of Gin, also that year she played Eleanor Roosevelt in the mini drama "Backstairs at the White House" and in 1979 - the boss angel in the series "Out of the Blue". In 1980 she continued her role as Eleanor Roosevelt in F.D.R.: The Last Year, also that year she played the three bags lady in White Mama and in 1981- The Big Black Pill. In 1982 - Games Mother Never Taught You and in 1983 - "Trauma Center" as Nurse Decker. In 1984 she played the role of Jeanine in the series "Partners in Crime" and in 1986 -1st funeral woman in the movie Seize the Day, -Little Mary in the movie Heartbreak Ridge. In 1988 when she played the role of Emma Heckart in the series "Annie McGuire" and in 1989 - A Doll's House, also -Stuck with Each Other. In 1992 she appeared in the TV soap One Life to Live as Wilma Bern. In 1993 -Triumph Over Disaster: The Hurricane Andrew Story as Shelley. In 1994 - Mabel in Breathing Lessons, also -Sarah McNeil in Ultimate Betrayal -1994 Mother Emma Buchanan in the series "The Five Mrs. Buchanans". In 1996 she was Mrs. Wyler in the series "Murder One" and Catherine MacDuggan in the movie The First Wives Club.

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