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Henry Darrow

Henry Darrow

The Hanging, December 31, 1966 Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Bernard Kowalski, Guest Cast: Tom Stern, Kit Smythe, Robert Knapp, Henry Darrow, Anna Navaro, Edmund Hashim, Larry Ward, Richard Bakalyan

Ladies From St. Louis, March 25, 1967 Written by Clyde Ware, Directed by Irving Moore, Guest Cast: Claude Akins, Josephine Hutchinson, Aneta Corsault, Kelly Jean Peters, Henry Darrow, Venita Wolf, Lois Roberts, Vic Tayback, Ralph Roberts, John Carter, Lew Brown, Ted Jordan

Henry Darrow was born in New York City, New York, USA . His real name is Henry Delgado. He appeared in: "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" playing Captain Sierra in episode: "The Mist of Silence" 10/5 /1964 "Bonanza" in episode: "Amigo" 1966 "T.H.E. Cat" in episode: "To Bell T.H.E. Cat" 11/25/1966, "Design for Death" 2/3/1967 "Gunsmoke" playing Oro in episode: "The Hanging" 12/31/1966 "The Wild, Wild West" in episode: "The Night of the Totterting Tontine" 1/6/1967 "Gunsmoke" playing Segurra in episode: "Ladies From St. Louis" 3/25/1967 "Mission: Impossible" playing Gregory Tolan in episode: "Blast" 1/30/1971 "Hawaii Five-O" playing Johnny Oporta in episode: "No Bottles...No Can...No Peo" /21/1971 "Night Gallery" playing Dr. Juan Munos in episode: "Cool Air" 12/8/1971 "The F.B.I." in episode: "Canyon of No Return" 11/26/1972 "Kung Fu" playing Emilio Fierro in episode: "The Brujo" 10/25/1973 "Kojak" 1974 "The Streets of San Francisco" playing Ramone Montoya in episode: "Alien Country" 1976 "Hawaii Five-O" playing Billy Madrid in episode: "Loose Ends Get HIt" 1/8/1976 "Wonder Woman" playing Walter Lampkin in episode: "The Bushwackers" 1/29/1977 "Hawaii Five-O" playing Stewart Longworth in episode: "The Cop on the Cove" 9/29/1977 "Wonder Woman" playing David Allen in episode: "I Do, I Do" 11/11/1977 "The Bionic Woman" in episode: "Deadly Music" 1978 "Hart to Hart" playing Rodriguez in episode: "Passport to murder" 9/29/1979 "The Waltons" in episode: "The Starlet" 10/18/1979 "Dynasty" 1982 "T.J. Hooker" playing Dr. Martinez in episode: "A Cry for Hel" 11/27/1982 "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" playing Alec Belmont in episodes: "If Thoughts Could Kill" 1983, "Remembrance of Things Past" 1984 "Tales of the Gold Monkey" playing the magistrate in episode: "Last Chance Louie" 3/11/1983 "T.J. Hooker" playing Miguel Gomez in episode: "A Child is Missing" 11/12/1983 "The Fall Guy" playing Silvers in episode: "Rabbit's Feet" 1/25/1984 "Knight Rider" playing Roderigo De Lorca in episode: "Knight of a Thousand Devils" 2/7/1986 "T.J. Hooker" playing Gus Kalioki in episode: "Blood Sport" 5/21/1986 "Star Trek: The Next Generation" playing Admiral Savar in episode: "Conspiracy" 5/7/1988 "Silk Stalkings" playing Victor Lozano in episode: "Jasmine" 1/7/1993 "Time Trax" playing the chief in episodes: "A Stranger In Time" 1/20/1993, "To Kill a Billionaire" 2/1/1993 "Star Trek: Voyager" playing Kolopak in episode: "Tattoo" 11/6/1995, "Basics: Part 1" 5/20/1996 "Babylon 5" playing Dr. Indiri in episode: "The Illusion of Truth" 2/17/1997 "Night Man" in episode: "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" 10/13/1997. Here are his movies: The Third Voice in 1960 and in 1961 he had a part in the movie Sniper's Ridge. In 1967 he played Manolito Montoya in the series "The High Chaparral" and in 1972 he was Joe Little Cloud in the movie Cancel My Reservation, also that year he appeared in Brock's Last Case. IN 1973 he joined the cast of the series "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" as Alex Montenez for one year and also that year he played Sweet William in the movie Badge 373. In 1974 he was DavKalin Aloha Means Goodbye. 1974- was joining the cast of the series "Harry O" as Det. Manny Quinlan for one year. In 1975 - The Invisible Man saw him in The All New Addams Family Halloween, also that year -"Halloween with the New Addams Family" as Pancho Addams. In 1978 - Alvarez in the mini drama "Centennial" and in 1979 - Mike Serrano in the movie Walk Proud. In 1980 - Herman Badillo in Attica and also that year his voice in the series "The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour" as Don Diego/Zorro. In 1981 - St. Helens as Don Lilley, also that year we continued hearing his voice as Don Diego/Zorro in the series "Zorro" and in 1982 - "General Hospital" as Ambassador Tabris. In 1983 - his voice as Don Diego de Vega/Zorro Sr. in the series "Zorro and Son", also that year, also that year he played the sheriff in the movie Losin' It and in 1985 - Lt. Rojas in the series "Me and Mom". In 1986 - T.J. Hooker: Blood Sport, also that year - mini drama "Fresno" and - 1986 - Trooper Hancock in the movie The Hitcher. In 1987 - GH but this time in the role of DVX-backed Colonel and in 1989 he joined the cast of the soap "Santa Barbara" as Rafael Castillo #1 for four years. While he was in SB he also played Lt. Chandler in the movie L.A. Bounty in 1989 and Captain Joe Torres in the movie The Last of the Finest in 1990. In 1992 he joined the cast of the series "Zorro" as Don Alejandro de la Vega for two seasons and in 1993 he was Manuel Valencia in Percy & Thunder. In 1994 - Criminal Passion as Captain Ramoz and also that year - Maverick as a riverboat poker player. In 1998 he appeared in the movie Tequila Body Shots and also that year he played Sonny Fletcher in Overseer.

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