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Keith Andes (1920- )

Keith Andes

Matt's Love Story, September 24, 1973 Written by Ron Bishop, Directed by Gunnar Hellstrom; Guest Cast: Michael Learned, Victor French, Keith Andes, Jonathan Lippe, William Schallert, Nathan Lapp, Richard Lunding, Neil Summers, S. Michael de France

Keith Andes was a good looking actor with blonde hair, a good physique and intense eyes which gave him a "brooding" look. His roles included everything from military men to the clergy. He was born John Charles Andes on July 12, 1920 in Ocean City, New Jersey. He was educated at Temple University and at Oxford in England. He started his acting career on stage and graduated to films with a contract at Universal-International Studios from 1955-58 which landed him in low budget, B movies. He was more successful with the transition to television in the late 1950s. His film credits included: "Winged Victory" (1944) in an uncredited role as a Flyer, his film debut; "The Farmer's Daughter" (1947) with Loretta Young, as Sven Holstrom, one of his better roles; "Project X" (1949) as Steve Monahan; "Clash by Night" (1952) as Joe Doyle; "Blackbeard the Pirate" (1952) as Edward Maynard; "Split Second" (1953) as Larry Fleming; "A Life at Stake" (1954) as Edward Shaw; "Back from Eternity" (1956) as Joe, one of my favorite of his roles; "Away All Boats" (1956) as Dr. Ball; "Pillars of the Sky" (1956) as Capt. Tom Gaxton; "The Girl Most Likely" (1957) as Neil; "Interlude" (1957) as Dr. Morley Dwyer; "Damn Citizen" (1958) as Col. Francis C. Grevemberg; "Tora! Tora! Tora!" (1970) as Gen. George C. Marshall and "...And Justice for All" (1979) as Marvin Bates. On TV he was a regular on the series: "This Man Dawson" (1959) as Col. Frank Dawson; "Glynis" (1963) with Glynis Johns, as Keith Granville; "Paradise Bay" (1965-66) as Jeff Morgan; "Birdman and the Galaxy Trio" (1967) an animated series, as the voice of Ray Randall/Birdman and "Search" (1973) as Dr. Barnett. He also appeared in TV movies including: "The Ultimate Impostor" (1979) and "Blinded by the Light" (1980). He guest starred on numerous series including: "Perry Mason"; "Branded"; "I Spy"; "Star Trek"; "Petticoat Junction"; "Gunsmoke"; "The Streets of San Francisco" and "Cannon." He was married to Jean Alice Cotton from 1948-61 after divorcing her he married Shelah Hackett. He appears to have retired from acting.

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