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Claude Akins

Claude Akins

Word Of Honor, October 1, 1955 - Written by Charles Marquis Warren, Story by John Meston, Directed by Charles Marquis Warren, Guest Cast: Robert Middleton, Claude Akins

Marked Man, September 1, 1956 Guest Cast: Robert Middleton, Claude Akins, Ray Boyle, Will Wright

Greater Love, December 1, 1956 Written by John Meston, Directed by Ted Post, Guest Cast: Claude Akins, Ray Bennett, Amzie Strickland

The Cabin, February 22, 1958 Written by John Meston, Directed by John Rich, Guest Cast: Dean Stanton, Claude Akins, Patricia Barry

He Learned About Women, February 24, 1962 Written by John Meston, Story by John Rosser, Directed by Tay Garnett, Guest Cast: Barbara Luna, Robert J. Wilke, Claude Akins, Ted de Corsia, Miriam Colon

The Way It Is, December 1, 1962 Written by Kathleen Hite, Story by Frank Paris, Directed by Harry Harris, Guest Cast: Claude Akins, Garry Walberg, Virginia Lewis, Duane Grey

Innocence, December 12, 1964 Written by John Meston, Directed by Harry Harris, Guest Cast: Bethel Leslie, Michael Forest, Claude Akins, Jason Evers, Jacqie Shelton, Lee Krieger, Ric Roman

Guilt Built, May 1, 1965 Written by Gustave Field, Directed by Michael O'Herlihy, Assistant Director Robert L. Rosen, Guest Cast: Betty Hutton, Claude Akins, Billy Bowles, John Hubbard, Jonathan Kidd, Ollie O'Toole, Jan Peters, Eddie Hice, Tom McCauley

Snap Decision, September 17, 1966 Written by Kichard Carr, Directed by Mark Rydell, Guest Cast: Claude Akins, Michael Strong, Michael Cole, Sam Gilman, Orville Sherman

Ladies From St. Louis, March 25, 1967 Written by Clyde Ware, Directed by Irving Moore, Guest Cast: Claude Akins, Josephine Hutchinson, Aneta Corsault, Kelly Jean Peters, Henry Darrow, Venita Wolf, Lois Roberts, Vic Tayback, Ralph Roberts, John Carter, Lew Brown, Ted Jordan

The Predators, January 31, 1972 Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Bernard McEveety, Guest Cast: Claude Akins, Jacqueline Scott, Jodie Foster, Brian Morrison, George Murdoch

Claude Akins was born in Nelson, Georgia. Here are his movies: 1953 movie From Here to Eternity as Dhom. 1954 : Shield for Murder as Fat Michaels, The Human Jungle as Mandy, Bitter Creek as Vance Morgan, The Caine Mutiny as Horrible, Down Three Dark Streets as Matty Pavelich and The Raid as Lt. Ramsey. 1955 he played Winkler in the movie The Sea Chase. In 1956 he was in more five movies: The Sharkfighters as Chief Gordon, The Proud and Profane, The Burning Hills as Ben Hindeman, Johnny Concho as Lem and Battle Stations as Marty Brennan. In 1957 he appeared in: The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm as Pete Logan, Joe Dakota as Aaron Grant, Hot Summer Night as the truck driver and The Lonely Man as Blackburn. In 1958 he played the role of Poznicki in the movie Onionhead and he was Mack in the movie The Defiant Ones. 1959 : Porgy and Bess as a detective, Hound-Dog Man as Hog Peyson, Don't Give Up the Ship as Comdr. Farber, Rio Bravo as Joe Burdett and Yellowstone Kelly as the sergeant. In 1960 he was Ben Lane in the movie Comanche Station and Reverend Jeremiah Brown in the Stanley Kubrick movie Inherit the Wind. 1961: Gunfight in Black Horse Canyon and S. T. Crawford in the movie Young and Eager.1962 we saw him in the movie Merrill's Marauders as Sergeant Kolowicz and in 1963 we saw him in the movie Black Gold as Chick Carrington. In 1964 he played Seely Jones in the movie A Distant Trumpet; Earl Sylvester in the movie The Killers and in 1965 he played the role of Cotton Buckmeister in the series "Laredo". 1966Return of the Seven as Frank, also that year we saw him in the movie Incident at Phantom Hill as Krausman and one more movie we saw him in in 1966 was Ride Beyond Vengeance as Elwood Coates. In 1967 Capt. Mason in the movie First to Fight and also that year he played Sergeant Foggers in the movie Waterhole #3. In 1968 he played the role of Pvt. Rocky Rockman in the movie The Devil's Brigade and in 1969 he played Blade in the movie The Great Bank Robbery. 1970 he was Punck Logan in Lock, Stock and Barrel, also that year he played the hooker in the movie A Man Called Sledge and one more role he played in 1970 was Lobo Jackson in the movie Flap. In 1971 we saw him in The Night Stalker as Sheriff Warren Butcher, also that year we saw him in River of Mystery as Ernie and in 1972 we saw him in the movie Skyjacked as Sgt. Ben Puzo. In 1973 he appeared in the movie Timber Tramps, also that year he had a part in The Norliss Tapes and one more movie we saw him in in 1973 was Battle for the Planet of the Apes as Aldo. In 1974 he had a part in In Tandem, also that year he appeared in The Death Squad and one more thing he did in 1974 was joining the cast of the series "Movin' On" as Sonny Pruett for two years. While he was in the series he also played Doctor Matthews in Medical Story in 1975, also that year he was Stan Swensen in Eric and in 1976 he played the role of Harry Grant in Kiss Me ... Kill Me. In 1977 he appeared in six things: Yesterday's Child as Cliff Henley, Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo as Bert Springer, the mini drama "The Rhinemann Exchange" as Walter Kendall, the series "Nashville 99" as Police Lt. Stoney Huff, the movie Tentacles as Capt. Robards and Killer on Board as the captain. In 1978 he played Gus Berste in Little Mo and also that year he had a part in BJ and the Bear. In 1979 we saw him in four other things: Murder in Music City, The Concrete Cowboys, the series "Lobo" as Sheriff Elroy S. Lobo for three years and the series "B.J. and the Bear" again in the role of Sheriff Lobo. While he was in this series he also appeared in Ebony, Ivory and Jade in 1980 and after he left his role as the sheriff we saw him again in 1983 in Desperate Intruder. In 1984 he appeared in another four things: the movie Master Ninja I as Mr. Trumbull, , the mini drama "Celebrity" as Uncle Bun Luther and the series "Legmen" as Tom Bannon. In 1986 he played Sheriff Sam Ketchem in the movie Monster in the Closet, also that year he was Bill Pogue in Manhunt for Claude Dallas and one more role he played in 1986 was Tom Fitzpatrick in the mini drama "Dream West". In 1987 we saw him in the movie The Curse as Nathan Hayes, also that year we saw him in If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium as Mo Wyshocki and in 1989 we saw him in Mothers, Daughters and Lovers as Kibby. In 1991 he played Teddy Roosevelt in the movie Incident at Victoria Falls and also that year he was President Roosevelt in The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw. After he left OLTL he played Speck Parks in the movie Falling from Grace and also that year he had a part in Grass Roots. Claude Akins appeared in numerous TV shows, including I Love Lucy and, of course, Gunsmoke. He died in January 27th 1994 from cancer in Altadena, California, USA

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