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1. The Cabin

February 22, 1958, Written by John Meston, Directed by John Rich, Guest Cast: Dean Stanton, Claude Akins, Patricia Barry

Never has so much quality story been packed into a half hour! A bone chilling blizzard, two post civil war crazies, eye widening violence, mealy potatoes, and an abused prairie woman who, in the end, heartbreakingly turns to prostitution because of intense emotional scars cut from the horror of her experience. Drama, intrigue, murder, hard reality and black humor are skillfully interlaced - and Dillon finds an interesting use for a pitch fork.

Every war produces its group of sociopaths. World War II produced Hell's Angels - a debauched macho-imaged motor cycle gang formed from air force recruits with numbed morality. The United States Civil War produced boarder raiders and jayhawkers, like Quantrill and Jesse James, who, after the war, continued to terrorize and burn entire towns. These were men whose morality was dulled by long term uninterupted exposure to the butchery and gore of war. Gunsmoke writer and co-creator, John Meston, remarkably captured the characters of these soulless men on the early Gunsmokes. This episode is Meston's writing at its best.


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